This is a ministry to men and women 55 and over which includes monthly meetings and events that help meet the needs of this age group.   This ministry has been suspended. Please contact for more information.



Most marriages don’t need an overhaul, just regular tune-ups.

You are not alone in your experiences. You’ll be paired with another couple who wants to listen and invest in your lives. Over the course of a year, they’ll guide you through 12 conversations crucial for a healthy marriage. This isn’t crisis counselling, it’s an opportunity to share your story and learn from the life experience of another couple.

How does it work? You will meet with your mentor couple for approximately 1 hour a month. They will guide you through one of the conversations in your conversation guide and listen to you, encourage you and help you to determine some next steps to grow closer together. These conversations will be kept completely confidential.

See video below from Felisha and Yusuf Ramnarace introducing the ministry. Interested?  Send us an email at