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November 2, 2019 - Sermon Notes


You can listen to the sermon by clicking here or read the notes below.

Scripture reference: Joshua 9: 3-18; Joshua 10: 1-15

Question: How big is your God? What is the most impossible prayer you have prayed?

We can learn a lot from Joshua as we press on to possess all that God has for us, as we pray big and bold prayers and as we trust the Lord Jesus to make the impossible possible.

1. We always need to be alert and aware of what’s happening around us. (Josh. 9: 3-6)

  • If you are walking in God’s will for your life, expect opposition, deception, obstacles, and difficulties

  • Sometimes the enemy uses direct opposition and sometimes he uses subtle deception to get us out of the will of God

  • We need to protect ourselves from deception by: knowing the Word of God better; and walking in the discernment of the Holy Spirit

2. Only God can turn our mistakes into stories of victory

  • The Lord used Joshua’s mistake with the Gibeonites to accelerate the conquest of Canaan (Joshua 10:8)

  • No mistake we make as a child of God is final if we repent and turn to Him for help. The Lord Jesus can use even our biggest mistakes and foolish decisions to accomplish His purposes of turning our mistakes into victory stories.

3. The Lord Jesus makes the impossible possible

  • God stopped the sun and the entire universe to answer Joshua's prayer (Joshua 10: 12-14)

  • Our Lord Jesus will not let anything hinder Him from accomplishing His purposes. We, as His children, should pray big, radical, bold, fearless prayers and press on to possess all He has for us.

Do you believe our God is truly omnipotent, all-powerful? That He can answer even the biggest, most impossible, fearless, bold prayers of faith? Is He powerful enough to heal your marriage? Is He faithful enough to save your children? Is He strong enough to provide your financial needs, your physical healing? Is your God able to make you an effective parent? Can He help succeed at your job? Will He answer your prayers?

Our God can do anything! And yes, He still answers bold, fearless prayers of faith, proving that He is still a God of miracles, the God of the impossible.

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