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November 10, 2019 - Bulletin Article


Caleb isn’t the most well-known name in the Bible. We don’t refer to him as much as we do Apostle Paul who wrote one third of the New Testament or King David who was Israel’s greatest king. Caleb is only mentioned in Numbers 13 -14, Joshua 14: 6-15, Joshua 15: 13-19 and Judges 1: 10-20. His life-story is one of disappointment and deferred dreams, yet he is a powerful example of what it means to keep the faith and finish strong.

As we read over Caleb’s interactions with Moses, Joshua, his daughter Achsah, and even the 10 spies who refused to enter the Promised Land because they saw giants, we see at least four qualities in his life that we would do well to emulate.

Be fully devoted to the Lord. A life that is fully devoted to God holds nothing back. Caleb is described 5 times as wholeheartedly following the Lord.

Believe God’s promises. What sustained Caleb during the 40 years of wandering in the desert and fighting giants in his allotted land was that he believed and lived out the promises of God in his life.

Be an example. Caleb was an excellent role model to his daughter who knew she could boldly ask her dad for more, and he would give it to her. His nephew who participated in claiming the Promised Land would eventually become Israel’s first judge. You never know who is watching how you handle life’s set-backs and disappointments. Be known for your unshakable faith and pursuit of God’s will even during the tough times.

Believe that you and God together make the majority. Caleb didn’t need to give in to the popular belief or go the way of the majority of the people. When he stood on his convictions and the truth of God’s Word, it didn’t matter if he was standing alone, because he knew that as long as the Lord was with him, they would always make the majority.

What an incredible example Caleb is for the follower of Jesus. As we face the difficulties of life, setbacks and disappointments, we must never lose focus of God’s promises. Faith always sees the promises of God as fulfilled, as though they have already taken place. It sees what others cannot see, because faith sees God, not the circumstances. Your focus makes the difference.

In Him,

Pastor Brian

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