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Seen to Unseen
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Seen to Unseen is a Christian blog that takes lessons from the natural (seen world) and translates them to the supernatural (unseen world). The author takes ordinary, everyday situations and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is able to find a spiritual and biblical application to aid us in our daily Christian walk. The stories will captivate you and the spiritual lessons will challenge you. Topics range from grief, to identity, to feelings, to passion, to love of God, to dating, to seasons of life, and everything in between.


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Inspired by God, BURNING LOVE OUTREACH is based on the real-life experiences of its founder. 


Led by the Holy Spirit, she traveled from a life of darkness and despair suffering from Drug Abuse and Addiction, to being reborn to a life filled with light, hope and love.


Her goal is to see others experience that same joyful rebirth, to be bigger, bolder and more valuable than they had ever imagined. She is truly ON FIRE FOR JESUS!

For more information on this ministry, contact Pastor Searita Jones-Harshaw via e-mail at


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Burning Love
TLC Arts and Skills
TLC Arts & Skills Ministry Revised (2) (


The TLC Visual Arts Ministry is a fun and inspirational acrylic paint class for people at every skill.level. Each work of art is tied to a Biblical principle and a devotional.

So the TLC Art class is not just a regular painting class... it is about love, sharing, empowerment and expression. 

Our devotionals are reflected in our work and we let the love of Christ guide our hands, and each brush stroke is for our great God, the greatest Artist of all.  


You can find and follow along with our tutorials on the TLC Arts and Skills webpage. You can look at our galleries on the TLC-Toronto Arts Ministry page on Facebook.


New videos are released weekly on Saturday afternoons. Contact for more information.

Redemption Road


Pastor Felix Perryman has it all: A loving family, a loyal church congregation and the respect of his community, until one day-it all falls apart.


Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out!

Follow this compelling radio drama series of one man's fall and rise, on the road to Redemption!

Redemption Road is written by TLC's Nicole Georges-Bennett. 

Listen to this fascinating eight-part series on YouTube


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Gospel Through Arts
Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Journey with the Ekanayake family as they use creative arts to spread the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel Through Arts features content aimed at helping you in your daily walk with Jesus. There is something for everyone - kids and adults alike. You will be encouraged through daily devotionals in Word, song and art. We will encourage your family to discover the hidden talents God has given each and everyone of you, as we discover ours. You will see that nothing is impossible with God. If you are willing to give your broken pieces to Him, God will shine His glory through you. . 



At Focus on the Family Canada, they know that when families are equipped with practical advice grounded in Biblical truths, they can thrive. When families are strong, they leave a valuable imprint on society for generations to come. They are committed to helping Canadians nurture, protect and invest in their families so they can thrive – even in the messy brokenness of our world.


Focus on the Family
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