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Arts and Skill
TLC Arts & Skills Ministry Revised (2) (


The TLC Arts and Skills Ministry seeks to spread the gospel through engaging people in the arts. What started as an art class on Saturday afternoons for TLC members quickly  grew into an outreach and evangelism ministry that reaches many people across the globe. Students of the art class have gone on to become teachers themselves, or have developed their own outreach ministries, like Daniel & Naiomy Ekanayake's Gospel Through Arts ministry


The leaders of this ministry have expanded its scope to encompass teaching of various skills by offering hands-on tutorial videos. Follow this ministry on Facebook and YouTube



With Christ, our Creator as a central focus to our artistic works, this ministry is an opportunity for those in church community to be Kingdom builders by creatively thinking. We are always looking for creative talent especially to assist with our Easter and Christmas productions, and other special events. If you are a poet, or a comedian, if you can act, dance, direct, write scripts, decorate, plan events... we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at and let us know what your creative giftings are.

Below is just a sampling of TLC members' creative arts work. 

Creative Arts
Creative Writing
creative writing 2.png


Do you have a gift of writing or blogging? We have opportunities for you to minister at TLC. As a church body, we undertake an annual project to produce a Christmas and an Easter devotional that we print and hand out to our members as a gift to them, and an additional copy to give to an unbeliever in their life. Read the Christmas 2019 Devotional book that was written by TLC church members; the front and back covers were specifically painted for this the devotional by Joan Lawlor, one of the teachers of our Arts Ministry. To be involved in TLC writing projects, please contact us at

TLC has a number of writers/bloggers. Visit their blogging/book websites below to glean spiritual lessons presented in unique and artistic ways. 

media team.jpg


A lot happens behind the scenes to ensure a smooth service from a technology standpoint. If you are interested in assisting with videography, livestream, sound or audio visual, please contact us at and we will invite you to serve once the in-person gathering restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of our media team members at work.

Worship Team
worship team.jpg


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have to temporarily keep our worship team small in number. If you are interested in joining the team as a vocalist or a band member, please contact us at and we will invite you to minister once the restrictions are lifted.   


In the meantime, enjoy our worship team's photo gallery. 

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