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Gather together. Grow in faith. Go into the world.


The Lakeside Church is a place where all people are welcomed, valued and loved. Our focus is on being a family church that reaches out to the lost and hurting in our community, our nation and the world with the love of Christ.  Join us on Sundays at 10:30 am in-person or  online, and check out our mid-week gatherings.
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The book of Revelation was written to first-century churches in Asia Minor. In this time and place, the Roman Empire was dominant and the seven churches were facing external persecution from a hostile culture, the seductive influence of that same culture, and spiritual lethargy from within their own hearts. The book of Revelation showed them and, therefore, shows us how to live victoriously in the midst of both torment and temptation. It shows the path to eternal victory in several important ways, all of which can be life-changing for us. 
As God’s people seek to live faithfully and suffer victoriously, in the midst of a simultaneously hostile and attractive culture, we must frequently remind ourselves that God is in control of all that happens to us. Revelation will not let us forget it. From the very first verse of the book, which declares that there are things that ‘must’ take place, to Revelation 22:6, which repeats the claim that there are things that “must” take place, this book emphasizes God’s sovereign control.  In a world that sometimes seems to be spinning out of control, we desperately need the reassuring vision Revelation offers, a vision of all things being accomplished according to the will of a loving, sovereign God. 

Please join us on Sundays at 10:30 am in-person or  online on Facebook, YouTube or our website as we study the book of Revelation. Did you miss Sunday's service? Click here to watch the recording.

Our Missions Focus for the month of September is Chosen ChildrenChosen Children’s desire is to break the cycle of adversity by equipping national pastors and leaders with the training, structure, and financial resources they are lacking in order to help improve the lives of at risk children in their communities. Because Chosen Children believe in the value of every child, providing means for them to receive the basic necessities of food, clean water, shelter and education is our way of laying the foundation for a brighter future. They also support families and communities to put sustainable changes into practice that will have a lasting impact on the health and well being of the children. Visit the Missions page to learn more. 


The Lakeside Church is a community of believers devoted to the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to love and build up one another, and to reach people with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We gather together to worship Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We are motivated to grow in faith and encourage one other to use our gifts for God’s purposes. We are equipped to go and share the good news of freedom, hope and new life in Jesus Christ with our community, country and the world. 

We gather together to worship Jesus as Lord and Saviour. 

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We are motivated to grow in faith and encourage one other to use our gifts for God’s purposes.



We go and share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, nationally and worldwide.

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No matter what stage of life you are in, or what season you are currently experiencing, TLC has a relevant ministry to support you in your life's journey. We have age-related ministries, activity-based ministries, ministries to mark important milestones, ministries to offer you spiritual and emotional support, and ministries to help build up your faith in Christ Jesus.


"Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble." Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NLT

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  • 55+ Cornerstone

  • Marriage Mentorship

  • Men's Ministry

  • Outreach to Addicts

  • Women's Ministry

  • Care Ministry

  • Child Dedications

  • Connect Groups

  • Email Devotionals

  • Funerals 

  • Prayer and Fasting

  • Starting Point - A Conversation About Faith

  • Weddings

  • Arts & Skills Ministry

  • Creative Arts

  • Creative Writing/Blogging

  • Media

  • Worship Team

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  • Kids Ministry

  • Kids Choir

  • Sunday School

  • Youth


The Lakeside Church is a missions-minded church. We partner with local, national and international organizations in their missions to go and share the good news of freedom, hope and new life in Jesus Christ with our world. We give so they can go. 

We also support the 340 million Christians worldwide who face high levels of persecution and discrimination for their faith in Jesus. 

In 2021, TLC will partner with 12 organizations that do missions work locally and internationally. We will highlight one organization per month and come alongside them as they tangibly spread the love of Jesus to a hurting and needy world.

Please click here to support these worthy causes.

Amazingly, the 340 million persecuted believers around the world don’t look to us to end their struggle. Instead, these courageous men and women ask for just two things: Scripture resources and prayers.

Please click here to see how you can help to support them.